Emily Connelly

Emily Connelly is part of OXO's Brand Communications team. She enjoys running, backpacking, dad jokes, and Bruce Springsteen. She once broke her wrist falling out of a doorjamb.

Cooking & Baking

5 Fruits To Throw on the Grill This Summer

When someone says “summer” do you think immediately of hot dogs? Does hearing the phrase “fire up the grill” prompt you to conjure images of ribeye and skirt steak? While there’s a time and a place for a barbecue that would delight committed carnivores, this summer, why not try something a little different? Although grilled fruit won’t replace burgers and hot dogs as a main course, it’s a very worthy side. We put together this guide for grilling the last of your summer produce to enhance its flavor (and help you make the most of grilling season).

Cooking & Baking

5 Uncommon Herbs You Should be Using

We like trying new things at OXO. Whether it’s a new way to slice garlic or a more efficient way to scrub dishes, we’re constantly observing how people take on everyday tasks. Our curiosity also includes trying new foods, recipes and techniques. Even though we’re based in New York City, we don’t limit ourselves to just local ingredients. So this month, we’re trying out some new (or less well-known) produce to see how we can prepare it better. Over the course of the next three weeks, we’ll try new fruits, vegetables and herbs –  and share our results. 

Behind The Scenes

Ask OXOnians: Our Biggest Cooking Challenges

When it comes to cooking, no two people are exactly alike (we’re pretty sure that’s what makes potlucks work so well). Chances are, though, you’ve run into a task (or many) that you find intimidating.

Despite our expertise, even OXOnians aren’t immune to this — so when we design products, we consider our own challenges and fears, too. We asked OXOnians what they get nervous about when it comes to cooking, and how they solve it.

Cooking & Baking

Flavor of the Holidays: How to Use Cranberries to Brighten Up Your Festive Dishes

Forget flavor of the week — cranberries are the flavor of the holidays! Our infatuation with the bright berry begins right before Thanksgiving, when the question on everyone’s lips is “homemade or canned?” No matter your answer to this question, we stand by the sentiment that nothing says “’tis the season” quite like cranberries – here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate them into sides, desserts and drinks (so that all of your dishes get dressed up for the holidays)!