Kasey Hickey

Kasey Fleisher Hickey is a freelance writer for OXO, and a mom to three cute kiddos (a toddler and boy/girl twins). She is the co-founder of Turntable Kitchen, the first and only food and music site and subscription service. She lives in Seattle, by way of San Francisco, where she keeps busy as a writer, content strategist, and brand marketing consultant.

Baby & Toddler

Fall Purees to Feed Your Kids

Introducing your baby to solid foods is one of those super fun parent moments you’ll remember forever. The moment my daughter first tasted avocado is brilliantly captured in a photograph that we still laugh about. As a parent, I love seeing how my children interact with their new world, and as a food lover, I’m super committed to raising adventurous eaters.

Baby & Toddler

How to De-Stress Your Morning Routine

With a child in preschool, two babies at home, and a nanny who comes over at 9 a.m., I know a thing or two about chaotic mornings. Mine usually start at 6 a.m., a lifetime before I actually begin to tackle my work day. Most days, my husband and I dance a highly choreographed routine that involves packing lunches, changing diapers, feeding babies, making coffee, and yes, showering (priorities!).

Baby & Toddler

Blogs We Love: On Sippy Cups

When it comes to sippy cups, the small conveniences we take for granted involve big design decisions that make you forget just how far we’ve come. OXO recently sent some Sippy Cups out to a handful of our favorite bloggers. Here’s a look at what they had to say after taking them for a test run with their kids. Hint: the magic is in the details.