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Baby & Toddler

How to Set Up a Cozy, Laidback Baby Nursery

When we found out we were expecting, there was a whirlwind of questions, appointments and uncertainty. But the one thing that was clear from the start: we wanted to remain surprised when it came to the sex of the baby, so we were all about a gender- neutral nursery. From simple colors to laidback themes and personalized touches, here are a few ways we set about creating a cozy and welcoming space.

Baby & Toddler

4 Alternative Uses for Your Bottle Drying Rack

If you hate kitchen clutter, thinking of ways to maximize the utility of some of your favorite countertop mainstays is always a worthwhile endeavor. For our family, one of those items is the Bottle Drying Rack, which we got when our son was born. This rack in particular is our favorite because we go through many bottles a day and it can hold around eight at a time. There’s also a nice, flat space in the front of the drying rack for small pieces and generous raised ribs on the bottom, making for much quicker drying time than others we’ve tried. While its purpose is obvious, there are a handful of additional ways to use the rack when you don’t need it for bottles or your baby is all grown up.  

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OXO’s Baby Registry Guide

Creating a baby registry was almost paralyzing for me—there are thousands of competing products out there and, especially when you’re having your first baby, you’re completely unsure which things are essential. Friends and family are bound to get you a few meaningful and sentimental gifts, so I’m a big fan of creating a very useful, practical registry with your must-haves and big ticket items (because you never know!)

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What Meals and Gifts to Bring New Parents

Those first days of parenting are often a blur – and for good reason: around-the-clock feedings and a sudden change in schedule result in days that feel jumbled together at best. I remember feeling so thankful for our friends and family who diligently dropped by hot meals in the late afternoons, pints of gelato in the evening and little surprises to help make our lives easier along the way. While there’s nothing wrong with a good casserole, here are a few other ideas for what to bring to a new family in those early days as they’re getting to know their new addition.

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Staff Picks: Lunch Ideas for Kids

Let’s be honest. Making weekday lunch for kids can be daunting. Your goals are twofold: feed them something nutritious they’ll actually eat and expand their budding palates. Sure, there are countless recommendations out there for the best kids lunches, but we feel that real life is messier than a Pinterest board, and sometimes you need a dose of inspiration from real (not virtual) caregivers. So we asked around the office for brown bag lunch ideas and got tips for both the 10-and-under set and grownups alike. We’ve also included some favorite tools to make lunch prep even easier.

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What to Pack for An All-Day Adventure

During the winter months, getting to spend the whole day outdoors is often a luxury. When the weather cooperates, we love to head out and explore our neighborhood, stop by our favorite coffee shop, and fit in a visit with a few friends. Now that our little guy is a toddler, we have a bit more flexibility in terms of leaving the house – but it still takes some planning and prep. Thankfully our stroller has a super roomy expandable basket underneath and easy-to-reach pockets, so we never have a problem squeezing in our go-to essentials, especially important for an all-day adventure.

Baby & Toddler, Behind The Scenes

How We Designed the Cubby Strollers

At OXO we apply our “question everything” philosophy to every product we develop. When it came time to design our first line of baby strollers, we knew we wanted them to be lightweight and easy to fold, but also address pet peeves we experienced as parents and questions we had about strollers. We interviewed nearly 1,000 parents, both first-timers and old pros, met with baby store staff, and pored over hundreds of online reviews, to discover what people loved about their strollers—and what drove them nuts. Those pet peeves led to some of the most important and parent-friendly features in our brand new Cubby and Cubby+ Strollers.

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How to Avoid Cabin Fever With Your Kids in Winter

Feeling cooped up is an inevitable part of the winter months. The days are short and dark, and our typical trips to the beach or neighborhood playground are often thwarted by less-than-desirable weather. So it’s easy to fall into a rut, and last year we found ourselves spending more time staring at one another indoors than we would have liked. So here are a few ways to beat the blues this season, baby in tow.

Baby & Toddler, Cooking & Baking

Easy Recipe with Kids: Banana Muffins

Confession time: I went to culinary school, but I can’t bake. At all. Something about the precision required for most recipes just eludes me. One time I started an oven fire baking oatmeal cookies, but that’s another story altogether. When my daughter was old enough to help out in the kitchen, I figured we should make things together that she’d like to eat, so I had to confront my baking aversion head on.