Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

Ask OXOnians: Our Biggest Cooking Challenges

When it comes to cooking, no two people are exactly alike (we’re pretty sure that’s what makes potlucks work so well). Chances are, though, you’ve run into a task (or many) that you find intimidating.

Despite our expertise, even OXOnians aren’t immune to this — so when we design products, we consider our own challenges and fears, too. We asked OXOnians what they get nervous about when it comes to cooking, and how they solve it.

Behind The Scenes

OXO February Challenge: Mastering Common Cooking Challenges

February can be a slower month; the quiet after the holiday season, plus dreary weather and dropping temperatures can make it feel a little uninspiring. We decided to turn things around though, and take this month to inspire you to tackle some common cooking challenges (and fears). We’ll show you what OXOnians have overcome in the kitchen, good tips for mastering skills and new ways to get better dishes on the table. Follow along as we take on new skills every week this month.

Behind The Scenes

Staff Picks: New Year’s Resolutions

At OXO, we love making things better. Better products for better food prep, cooking, baking, cleaning, parenting, coffee brewing and everything in between. Naturally, we also love to better ourselves – and New Year’s is the perfect time to do that. (Yeah, we know, it doesn’t have to be a new year to make a resolution, but it’s so fitting!)

Behind The Scenes

2017: Product Testing by the Numbers

2017 was another busy year for us at OXO. We’re ending this one with 65 new products — and that means extensive testing to ensure our products make every day better. So, we poached a lot of eggs, baked many pies and roasted all kinds of meats so that we can guarantee we’re giving the best help when you’re cooking brunch for a crowd, preparing pies for the holidays or grilling for a July 4th barbeque.

Behind The Scenes

From NASA to Hotdog Fingers: Unconventional OXO Product Testing

OXO products are built to last a lifetime, so we put each and every item through extensive testing to ensure it will hold up to everything that’s thrown its way every day.

Often, our product testing is straightforward – we’ve sliced over 700 avocados of different shapes and sizes to test our Avocado Slicer; we’ve cooked over 1,000 slices of bacon to test our Microwave Bacon Crisper. In the OXO office, we look forward to product testing days because they’re filled with seemingly endless tasty tested treats.

Sometimes, though, we need to get a little more creative with how we test. Here are a few of our favorite examples.