Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

Can’t-Live-Without OXO Products from Our Inventor Submissions Program

OXOnians live to solve everyday challenges and never know when inspiration will strike. No one recognizes the truth in the statement “good ideas come from anywhere” better than we do. After all, it was a fishing rod that inspired the design of our egg beater. And a child’s toy was the basis for our now-iconic salad spinner. Even something as mundane as a commercial postal scale served was a thought-starter for our Pull Out Food Scale.

Baby & Toddler, Behind The Scenes

How We Designed the Cubby Strollers

At OXO we apply our “question everything” philosophy to every product we develop. When it came time to design our first line of baby strollers, we knew we wanted them to be lightweight and easy to fold, but also address pet peeves we experienced as parents and questions we had about strollers. We interviewed nearly 1,000 parents, both first-timers and old pros, met with baby store staff, and pored over hundreds of online reviews, to discover what people loved about their strollers—and what drove them nuts. Those pet peeves led to some of the most important and parent-friendly features in our brand new Cubby and Cubby+ Strollers.

Behind The Scenes

How to Make the Crispiest (But Not Greasy) Bacon Ever

There’s nothing quite like waking up to the smell of bacon (or nothing quite like walking past a deli that’s griddling up bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches). But making the crispy, non-greasy, tasty kind of bacon at home can be tough and messy: grease splatters all over the stovetop, bacon bits burn because the pan is too hot, bacon strips get soggy because the pan isn’t hot enough, and most of the grease usually just ends up down the drain.

Behind The Scenes

100 Pounds of Potatoes, 20 Varieties of Butter, 4 Bags of Pet Fur and More: Our Year in Product Testing

Can you believe we went through 100 pounds of potatoes to design and test our new mandoline? 2016 has been quite an exciting year for OXO! From pounds of potatoes for slicing, julienning, and waffling, to researching sticks of butter from around the world for our Butter Dish, and let’s not forget those four heavy bags of fur for our Furlifter—we wanted to reflect on this past year and share all these product testing numbers and more with you.

Behind The Scenes

How and Why We Designed the Pull-Out Food Scale

I am not a confident cook, so when I had to host Thanksgiving for 30 people, one of my biggest concerns was making sure I precisely followed the recipes of those far more skilled than me. I didn’t want to have too much or too little of anything and risk making my dishes too doughy, not sweet enough and so on. Accuracy, consistency, and proper conversion could mean the difference between a happy meal and a bunch of annoyed, rumbling tummies, but achieving those with just my eyeballs and my iPhone was tough. This was a situation where I really could have used a scale.

Behind The Scenes

Product Testing 101: The Cycle Test

When I first saw the OXO testing lab, I was immediately mesmerized. The repetitive machinery, the complex-looking wires, and the constant humming drew me in the same way I was drawn to Unwrapped with Marc Summers back in the day. There’s not much engineering in my blood, but for some reason, I’ve always found a sense of satisfaction watching machines and systems, despite not knowing what’s even happening. But, I’m trying to change that and get a grasp of the engineering side of things. Here’s some insight into our product testing process so that I (and hopefully you) better understand how we make our products.