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Buying Guide: 10 Things Organized People Have In Their Homes

If you’re aspiring to be one of those “organized people” this year (everyone raises their hand), there are a few items that can help you get everything in order. None of these products will cost much or take up much space; in fact, they’ll actually make you feel like you have more space in the house (win win!). From drawer organizers to bag clips, here are things you’ll want to have to feel more organized.

Buying Guides

10 Tailgating Essentials for Football Season

Preseason football is officially over, which means I’m counting down the days until the Super Bowl 50 rematch (yikes) that serves as this year’s season opener. Not only am I looking forward to busting out my jersey and engaging in some good old-fashioned water cooler smack talk, I’m also excited to show up to the stadium too early (and too hungry)—that’s right, I’m talking about tailgating.