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Buying Guides

Kitchen Essentials for Summer Rentals

Summer is here, and there is nothing like a summer getaway.

And the best kind involves no flying and no stressing—just good old fashioned family fun, renting a home away from home in your favorite spot. It could be among the Cape Cod kettle ponds, on the rocky Maine coast, nestled into the lakes of Michigan or Minnesota, or on the beaches of Kiowa—you know what’s right for you and yours.

Buying Guides

Which Mandoline is Right for You?

Mandolines can seem intimidating, but they’re the best at precisely and consistently slicing fruits and veggies. Your dreams of thinly-shaved cucumber salad, a delicate French apple tart, or potato gratin will come true once you decide it’s time for a mandoline in your life. With so many mandoline sizes and designs out there, here’s a guide to point you in the right direction.

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Buying Guide: 10 Things Organized People Have In Their Homes

If you’re aspiring to be one of those “organized people” this year (everyone raises their hand), there are a few items that can help you get everything in order. None of these products will cost much or take up much space; in fact, they’ll actually make you feel like you have more space in the house (win win!). From drawer organizers to bag clips, here are things you’ll want to have to feel more organized.