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How to Clean Sippy Cups

The first time I found mold inside my toddler’s sippy cup, I felt like I had won the award for World’s Worst Mom. Only later did I realize I’d have many moments like this as a mom, like that time I dressed my baby for a blizzard (full on snow suit!) for a 70 degree trip to Target…I thought I was being particularly diligent but inevitably gunk would get trapped in those hard-to-reach places in the cup. Good news: I don’t experience Sippy Cup cleaning-anxiety anymore.

What’s great about these cups is the parts easily disassemble so you can give them a deep-clean without missing any spots. There aren’t any small crevices or nooks and crannies, so you won’t have to worry about any residual gunk.


When cleaning the cups, I recommend using this handy brush set to make sure every cup gets spick and span. Simply separate the lid from the cup and scrub to your heart’s content. If you’re curious, here are some special instructions for each cup in the OXO Transitions line.

The Soft Spout Cup is for little ones graduating from bottles or breastfeeding. The cup features an almond-shaped valve that opens as soon as it touches their lips. The sturdy cap covers the silicone spout to keep it clean and prevents leaking in diaper bags (big win). To disassemble your Soft Spout Cup for deep cleaning, simply separate the lid from the cup and remove the hinged cap and silicone spout from the lid.

The Straw Cup has a hinged cap that closes tightly when your little one isn’t drinking from it, creating a leakproof seal to minimize mess. To clean it, just remove the straw and separate the two straw parts. I recommend getting inside the mouth hole and running the brush with plenty of water, especially through the straws.

Finally, there’s the Open Cup Trainer which has two flow settings for children who are ready to learn to drink like big people. The Open Cup Trainer has an easy-to-remove lid so when your kid is ready, he or she can drink like a grown-up without a lid (kind of a big deal!). For deep cleaning, simply remove the lid from the cup and separate the disk.

Now that you’re a pro at cleaning sippy cups, you’re ready for your next big adventure: eating out with the kids!