Cleaning & Organizing

Do These Things Before Leaving on Your Next Trip

I’m meticulous about leaving a clean and tidy home behind when I go on vacations. The thought of my space festering with dirty dishes, an unkempt room, or a kitchen floor covered in crumbs has the potential to take the relaxation out of my trip. Granted, I’m on the extreme side of the clean and organized spectrum, but I think we can all agree there’s nothing better than coming back to a clean house. So take some time and follow these tips before heading out the door so you can honestly say: “it’s good to be home.”

Baby & Toddler

Get Your Home Baby-Ready

If you have a baby on the way, it’s time to prepare yourself and your home for lots of exciting changes. Pregnancy is a great time to establish organized systems and habits that will be invaluable once your new baby arrives. Since late night drugstore runs and bottle fumbling are inevitable and fast approaching, take advantage of the time you have now to get things in order. You and your family will be thankful for it!

Cleaning & Organizing

5 Habits That You Need to Take On Today To Streamline Your Life

You may be sitting in your home, looking around and thinking that it’s time to start getting more clean and organized. You’re sick of the pile of mail on your kitchen table, the mound of clothing growing in your bedroom, and the excess of stuff you’re not particularly fond of anyway. But getting your home clean and organized can take a long time and often feels overwhelming. By keeping your goals small and taking baby steps, you’ll get there in time and won’t ever be tempted to look back. So get started by taking on these five habits every single day. They’re the holy grail of tidiness and will keep you on track even when a temporary mess comes your way.

Cleaning & Organizing

10 Areas You Forgot to Clean

Whether or not you have a strict cleaning schedule, the hope is that each day ends with a dish-free kitchen sink and no clothing on your floor. But there are some secret places in your home that are probably getting neglected during your cleaning sessions. Because after all, it’s tough to reach every nook and cranny. But fear not! Take a look at this list and add one or two to your next cleaning routine. Before the month ends, you’ll have tackled them all and your home will feel squeaky clean.

Cleaning & Organizing

How to Clean and Care for Your Cookware and Bakeware

We know it can be tricky to navigate a kitchen sink full of dirty pots and pans. I mean, what’s the best way to clean glass, non-stick, and stainless steel? Lucky for you, we make the cookware and bakeware, as well as the tools to clean them, so we asked the OXO team (who’s seen more than their fair share of ruined pans and baking sheets) to share their best cleaning tips.

Cleaning & Organizing

How to Amp Up Your Laundry Routine

Ah, laundry—it can feel endless. As soon as you think it’s over, there’s a pair of dirty socks and underwear in the hamper to get you started again. But there’s also nothing better than fresh sheets, a closet full of clean clothes, and an empty hamper, making all that effort wonderfully rewarding. Whether you have a large family or are living the single life, here are some ways to make your laundry routine a little easier.