Cleaning & Organizing

Do These Things Before Leaving on Your Next Trip

I’m meticulous about leaving a clean and tidy home behind when I go on vacations. The thought of my space festering with dirty dishes, an unkempt room, or a kitchen floor covered in crumbs has the potential to take the relaxation out of my trip. Granted, I’m on the extreme side of the clean and organized spectrum, but I think we can all agree there’s nothing better than coming back to a clean house. So take some time and follow these tips before heading out the door so you can honestly say: “it’s good to be home.”


1. Never. Leave. Dirty. Dishes.

A sink full of dirty dishes will be a disaster once you’re home, even if you’re only gone for a weekend. Make sure to take care of your dishes before you head out the door. If you need to leave dishes in the drying rack, that’s fine as long as they’re clean.


2. Keep your dishwasher and washing machine doors open.

To avoid mold and mildew buildup, keep your dishwasher and washing machine doors open a crack while you’re away. This will give them a chance to get aired out while you’re traveling and they won’t develop a dank smell.


3. Throw away any perishables in your fridge.

We want you to return to a clean kitchen, so throw away any food that will spoil.


4. Freeze a meal or two.

There’s a good chance you’ll come home from the airport super hungry (and therefore cranky!), so think ahead and freeze a simple meal . Pop it in the oven as soon as you arrive and save yourself from extreme hangriness.


5. Leave behind a tidy room and bed.

Make your bed before you leave because there’s nothing quite like coming home to a made bed. And do your best to put away all of your clothing before leaving. If you don’t have time, at least make a neat pile and leave it on a chair or bed so you’re not completely overwhelmed when you get home.


6. Take out the trash.

Need I say more?